bra Financial News Service

Financial News

bra provides the leading source of news and commentary on Nigeria's fixed income market. With numerous news items a day, we have established our niche by providing detailed accounts of developments in all segments of the Nigerian financial markets.

Equity Market News

bra Limited Equity Market News is a news service on Nigeria's equity markets and companies. A dedicated team ensures that equity market participants get timely and accurate news and analysis. Apart from detailed, real-time coverage of the market, bra's Equity-Report also keeps readers abreast of developments in the corporate sector and Nigeria's economy.

Fixed Income Market News

bra Limited provides timely information daily on Nigerian debt structure. We developed bond index which measures performance of Nigerian Investment-grade on fixed income market; we also give daily statistics that describe the structure and risk profile of both the primary and secondary markets.

Fund News

bra recently launched a news and analytical service on the mutual fund industry. In addition to daily news stories, we also make available analytical and feature stories on the fund industry and other information tools. These tools allow customers to search and compare the performance of schemes of asset management companies in Nigeria.

Inflation News

This service provides constantly updated news and information about Nigerian inflation.