Brickfield Road Associates (bra)

As Nigeria's leading and most diversified Research and Risk Management firm, bra (Brickfield Road Associates) provides products and services that enable enterprises to make informed decisions and manage risk.

Founded in 2005, bra provides its expertise and services to clients throughout Nigeria. bra's ratings products and related services for Financial Services, Pension Administration, Insurance and Legal entities are complemented by corporate finance solutions and supplementary services for comprehensive risk management.

Our Strength

Our strength is based on two key factors: accumulated expertise and continuing research.
At the core of bra are its commitment to accuracy and analytical rigour. This enables bra to deliver products and solutions that:

Help clients mitigate and manage their businesses & financial risks
Make markets function better
Help shape public policy

Stock market for closing: Jan 19, 2018

Stock Market Indices

  Indices Daily Change
NSE Index 45092.83 244.09 0.54%
bra50 Index 36.37 0.63 1.75%

Top 5 gainers

CompanyVol. TrdPriceDaily %Change
GUARANTY 22715334 54.7100 4.9800
UNILEVER 649653 47.0000 4.4400
INTBREW 751556 63.0000 1.6100
ZENBK 33033906 33.0000 2.1600
UBA 42439194 12.8900 1.8900

Top 5 lossers

CompanyVol. TrdPriceDaily %Change
CADBURY 1864811 15.0600 -4.9800
DANGT 5877158 20.0000 -3.6100
DANGFLOUR 6498381 14.9700 -4.6400
NATSALT 1552500 19.0000 -2.4600
ETERNA 1353373 6.0400 -4.8800

bII updated: Nov 28, 2017

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bra Inflation Index (bII) is the first private monthly consumer price index which is used to measure the price movement in the country. It is a chained expenditure weighted index that composed of the market basket of nine major categories: (1) Food and Non-alcholic Beverages; (2) Alcoholic beverages and Tobacco (3) Housing and Household Goods & Services; (4) Clothing and Footwear; (5) Transportation (6) Energy (7) Medical Care; (8) Recreation and Entertainment; (9) Education (10) Communication and (11) Utilities, Other Goods and Services. bra Inflation Index (bII) covers the six geo political zones including Lagos and Abuja read more...