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BLACKBIRD: bra's consumer rating tool BLACKBIRD combines biometric technology and a powerful underlying consumer rating engine, to empower employers of labour and services make decisions.

Credit scoring and consumer ranking is a statistical tool for determining risk and default probability of an individual on facilities extended to him/her. It is particularly applicable in customer lending such as advances on salary, credit card facilities, mortgage lending etc. It is also useful in considering an individual for employment, contract extension and partnership. bra's consumer rating tool BLACKBIRD combines biometric technology and a powerful underlying consumer rating engine, to empower employers of labour and services make decisions. BLACKBIRD collects historical data, fingerprints and digital photograph of an individual, runs a search through our database to determine the credibility worth of the individual. bra Consumer Rating application combines a variety of personal, financial and economic characteristics of applicants to provide scores for the individual which will tell the if the person is qualified for the loan.

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bra ASSET MONITOR: Risk and Portfolio Management: is bra's analytical tool for equities, news and analytics as well as the risk management portal.It is a web based access tool which allows subscribers to access up-to-date market information on equities as well as interactive portfolio and risk management tools.The portfolio and risk management tools are however accessible only through a private network (VPN) to ensure the privacy and security of portfolio information of users.The equities portfolio management division of bra ASSET MONITOR is designed to manage your portfolio independently. User can create, edit and monitor their portfolio on-line from the comforts of their homes and office as well as get up-to-date stock analysis.
The risk management aspect of bra ASSET MONITOR allows banks, asset managers, fund managers as well as other trading entities to evaluate their credit, market and operation risk at a firm-wide level.

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bra Index: braIndex is a privately generated daily stock index. It is based on a robust analytical methodology of international standard. It is supported by an integrated technology-based solution that ensures its sustenance in terms of consistency and quality. It is made up of the 50 performing listed stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).
braIndex is a price weighted index. However the selection procedure adopts a value weighted approach, while the construction procedure is price weighted. Companies that form the sample of constituents stocks were selected based on financial records, market position, capitalization, and a host of other criteria. Period adjustment(s) for corporate actions as and when applicable are timely done to maintain the trend accuracy of the index.

bII: bra Inflation Index (bII) is the first private monthly consumer price index which is used to measure the price movement in the country. It is a chained expenditure weighted index that composed of the market basket of nine major categories.

BRASS: BRASS is our analytical framework for evaluating the credit quality of entities, issues or fund in terms of default risks which cover the following broad areas of business risks, financial risks.

BDBRA 100: (Stock Market Index) BDBRA 100 is a price weighted index of the leading 100 stock trading on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE). It is a product of the partnership between bra Ltd., a Lagos based financial engineering and risk management firm, and BusinessDay Newspaper, a leading investment and business newspaper.

FGN Bond Index: The FGN Bond Index is a broad, comprehensive, market value weighted index designed to measure the performance of the Nigerian Investment grade fixed income market.