Our Services

Ratings and Risk Assessment: bra's Ratings is one of the only ratings agencies in Nigeria to operate on the basis of sectoral specialisation. It reflects our sharpness of analysis and the responsiveness of the process.

Integrated Research: bra's independent integrated research house provides accurate and reliable research, analysis and forecasts on the Nigerian economy, industries and clients across financial, pension, corporate, consulting and public sectors.

Risk Management: bra recognises the market needs for integrated solutions that quantify and manage complex risks. We offer customised modular or integrated risk management solutions and advice to clients by leveraging the experience and skills of bra in the areas of credit and market risk.

Financial News: bra's news service provides unmatched expert coverage on Nigeria's markets with a combination of news, views, analytics and tools to enable clients take pricing and investment decisions.

Macroeconomic Tracking: We continuously collect and collate relevant macroeconomic data for both primary and secondary to ensure that we are up to date in tracking the movement in the basic macroeconomic variables of the Nigerian economy. BrickField Road Associates Consumer Price Index (braCPI) and BrickField Road Associates Producer Price Index (braPPI) are two of our independent price indicators that are being primarily tracked by our seasoned field staff. Our robust database that comprises of comprehensive macroeconomic indicators of the Nigerian economy and the continuous regular update of this information, allow valid research and analysis on economic trends and forecast.