bra Macroeconomic Tracking

BrickField Road Associates Inflation Index (bII) tracks inflation and expenditure patterns of consumers. It provides detailed information on specific products that drive inflation. Data is collated monthly and enables data analysis, decision-making and policy-formulation.

Types of money growth
Our comprehensive monthly database of the narrow and broad money supply (M1 and M2) which allows a continuously evaluation of the movement in liquidity in the Nigerian economy provides reliable information on potential direction of returns on investment in the country. Weekly Monetary Operation of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) both in the Primary and Open Market Operations (OMO) as well as monthly deposit money bank credit to the domestic economy, are closely monitored by our experienced analysts for the same purpose.

GDP growth
Our data on the different types of GDP (at current market prices, at constant market prices, at factor cost) allows both historical and future trend analysis. Our goal is to constantly track the monthly and quarterly movement in these important economic indicators.

States allocation and expenditure pattern
We keep track of the monthly statutory allocation to all the state of the federation as well as the expenditure pattern of these states.